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New Area Leader

Sekema Rhodes


This new year begins a new journey for many of us. This includes the introduction of the new Leader of the Washington Metro Area Women's Ministries. Mrs. Sekema Rhodes was called as God's Chosen Vessel to take on the monumental role of serving our women.


Sekema is supported by a prayerful team of dynamic women who will travel this journey with her towards meeting the needs of our women.


After more than twenty years of serving as the Washington Area Metro Women's Ministries Area Leader, Denise Crarey announced her retirement at the biennial Women's Retreat held September 07 - 09, 2018.

The theme of the Retreat was very fitting and was entitled "I Am. Done!" Although the theme was not geared towards Denise's retirement, it somehow was very appropriate. It was a pleasure to honor this young woman who made such a major impact in so many women's lives. She has truly left her mark of influence and she is well deserving of being recognized and honored as an Excellent Leader. 

















On September 09, 2018, Denise announced her Successor and New Area Leader by presenting to everyone, Sekema Rhodes. The overwhelming applause from all of the women and young ladies was so emotional that there was not a dry eye in the banquet hall. The passing of the baton consisted of transferring a "prayed-over" sacred mantle from Denise to Sekema. Pastor Brenda Billingsley led out in a powerful heart-felt prayer over both Denise and Sekema, who was covered and accepted the mantle of becoming the New Area Leader.

Sekema humbly accepted this new position and is relying on God to guide her as she navigates in her new assignment.


It is truly an honor to experience a transitioning from a great Administration and to look forward to what God (I Am.) has in store for the Washington Metro Area Women's Ministries (Done!).

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