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2021 Community Service

The Washington Metropolitan Area Women's Ministries is partnering with the Dupont Park Church to meet the needs of women who are in need of Diapers. Currently, we have a supply of Diapers that have been centralized into what is known as the "Diaper Hub". The next step is to get these out to women in need. Therefore, we need your help!

Assistance in the Distribution of Diapers

If you can assist in this ministry with the distribution of diapers, please contact a representative via email at or call 202-583-7416. From there, you will be provided with available dates to assist.

Also, if you wish to donate, you may do so by utilizing the same contact information.

Lastly, please share this flyer with women whom you know that are in need of diapers for their babies.

We appreciate all donations, time and service.

2021 Charity Project - Diaper Hub.jpg
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