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Day of Prayer, Praise & Purpose

Frequently Asked Questions

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Hey Sister,


We are so excited that you have chosen to spend the day with us and thought that you may find these answers helpful to some questions you may have prior to your virtual retreat.












  1. What can I expect on September 12? 

  2. Will I be able to interact with other women who are also attending the retreat?

  3. How can I interact in the sessions? 

  4. What do I need to participate in the CHOSEN Retreat?

  5. I keep seeing sessions. What does that mean?

  6. What Time Are the Sessions?

  7. Is there a quick invitation I can share with my SISTER-friends?

  8. Is there anything I should know to prepare for the day?

  9. BONUS: Photo Gallery



1. What can I expect on September 12? 

  • Three (3) Powerful Sessions

  • Four (4) Dynamic Speakers 

  • Uplifting Praise and Worship 

  • Seasons of Prayer

  • Opportunities to interact with other women

  • Reflection and Meditation Moments

  • Calls to assess, embrace, and walk in your purpose

  • Retreat from anywhere



2. Will I be able to interact with other women who are also attending the retreat?

It is our intent for you to engage with other women by using the chat section for each session. In this section, you can communicate with each other as well as provide comments to us. You can also react virtually to other persons’ comments with “laughter, hearts, likes, etc.” to show support and encouragement. We may not all be together “face to face”, but we are experiencing this Day linked together as sisters throughout the region.


In this new season, it is our belief that God will continue to use women as vessels to influence and inspire the change needed in this world. God is more than able to unify us and strengthen the gifts in our sisterhood to answer the call He has CHOSEN us for.



3. How can I interact in the sessions?

  • When you join the retreat Say “Hi” in the comments and tell us where you are retreating from. 

  • Leave your “Prayer of Praise” or “Prayer Request” so that other sisters can petition to God on your behalf.

  • During the sessions, if something resonates with you, say so. Words, emojis, reactions, let every technological method be used to give God praise.

  • Each session will have discussion questions written specifically by each speaker intended to spark conversation and reflection. We invite you to share your thoughts with each other in the chat session. Do not be surprised if the speaker engages in the comment section with you, later on!



4. What do I need to participate in the CHOSEN Retreat?

  • WIFI and a device will allow you to access the retreat, my sister.

  • We recommend you have a pen and a notebook/journal or use our Reflection Guide to take notes. 

  • Having your Bible (or the Bible app) handy is also a good idea.



5. I keep seeing sessions, What does that mean?


Each session will be done in a Ted Talk style. So, while we all enjoy a good sermon and a great (church) service, the CHOSEN Retreat will feature more conference-style presentation or talks.



6. What Time Are the Sessions?


There will be Three (3) sessions which will start at 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. respectively.

There will be breaks in between the sessions to pray, reflect, meditate, grab a snack or even take a power nap. 



7. Is there a quick invitation I can share with my SISTER-friends?


Sure, just copy and paste this section in a text or email to them.


Hey Girlfriend, 

You have to join me at CHOSEN! A Women's Virtual Experience on September 12th, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will be a Day of Prayer, Praise, & Purpose and we really do need that in this season.

Please view your invitation from here:  

Then, register for $FREE, here:  



8. Is there anything I should know to prepare for the day?


  • Activate you DND – Do Not Disturb! Let others know that you are retreating. Tell your sister-friends so that they can join virtually but for those who may reside with you, let them know that there is food in the fridge and snacks in the pantry, and you are not to be disturbed until 6:00 p.m. that day, as much as is possible. Yes 6:00 because you need an hour reflect and meditate 😊

  • Have your water handy because hydration, reflection, and meditation go hand in hand. Also, they rhyme. Get your water, girlfriend.

  • As mentioned before, secure a pen and your favorite journal or notebook to jot down the gems that these speakers will serve us on a platter or grab a copy of the reflection guide that will be available to you.

  • Plan and prepare your meals and snacks to cut down on food prep time between the sessions. One of our favorite parts of being at a retreat is that someone else does the cooking so that you can relax. It takes the guess work out of dining experiences since caterers do that for us. This experience is virtual but there is still an opportunity to prepare or even order your favorite meals and snacks (hey, we are not judging) for the day, so that you spend less time preparing and more time savoring your spiritual and physical food.




9. BONUS: Photo Gallery


We invite you to wear something red or red with white, if you like, for your selfie on our Photo Gallery. Ok, and before you stop reading, hold on!


Like any other event, where there are people gathering, there is a photographer, snapping pictures and storing them up as memories for the future. Gathering at this time is not in the best interest of our health and safety but that does not mean we should miss out on a moment to take a pic.


We still would like to fill our Photo Gallery with pictures of this day. So, take a selfie clothed in your red, or even of your retreat space. Maybe it is the cover of your favorite journal or maybe you're outside for a reflection moment and want to take a picture of nature. If you would like it included in our photo gallery, email it to so that a few months or even a year from now, we can look back at this virtual experience that we were able to enjoy together, though apart.


P.S. Please do not feel obligated to participate. We know that one of the wonderful things about being home and retreating from home, is that we get to dress as comfortably as we want to. So, if you don’t feel like taking a selfie, that is quite ok. But if you feel like it, wear a red Tee, Blouse or Dress, give us your best “I’m retreating” pose and send it to us.



This is going to be a great experience so invite a Sister-Friend or 10 to join in on this intentional pause and know that we cannot wait to retreat with you!


Stay Well, Stay Blessed, and Bloom Where You are Planted!

-Sekema Rhodes (WMAWM Leader), the WMAWM Executive Team & Ladies in Leadership.

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